CourseDirector is a learning management system in Google Apps. With CourseDirector you can maximize learning and minimize maintenance. You can improve teacher and staff efficiency and save money at the same time.

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Why CourseDirector?

1 Simple to set up and use – completely integrated with Google Apps

2 Increase student engagement and achievement

3 Promote better communication between students and teachers

4 Make learning more effective

How do I get it?

Try CourseDirector for 1 month for free. Install directly from the Google Apps Marketplace. Setup takes just a few minutes.

Try It Now

You can upgrade to the premium plan at any time during the trial period.


  • Online courses in Google Sites
  • Student coursework submission to Google Docs
  • Online exams, tests and quizzes in Google Docs
  • Discussion group for each course in Google Groups
  • Timetabling in Google Calendar