CourseDirector is a product from LingApps. LingApps is a Danish programming studio focusing on cloud solutions and speech- and language technology. We are innovators, and we strive to produce simple but powerful tools for the classrom in the cloud.

The CourseDirector Product Philosophy


1. Keep the LMS ‘within’ Google Apps, not ‘alongside’ it

Our design philosophy is to provide a layer to sit on top of Google Apps to make it easy for students to access all components of their courses, easy for teachers to run them, and easy for administrators to maintain them throughout the school year.

2. Ease of use

CourseDirector can be installed directly from the Google Apps Marketplace. CourseDirector users can sync their Google Apps users and be away creating courses within the first 20 minutes.

3. Simple, low pricing

We have a simple and low price per user per year. The price includes support, full functionality and free upgrades.

4. Agile development methodology

Our commitment to Agile development methodology is as strong as ever. We run monthly update cycles to push out new features as quickly as possible, while always being careful not to detract from the simple look and feel of the system.